Pasefika Proud Content Management

editorial / photography / website content management / social media management / graphic design / marketing strategy / communications planning 

The Pasefika Proud Campaign addresses violence in Pacific families by using clear, consistent messaging around building strong families, preventing and addressing violence designed, delivered and led by Pacific people. 

After refreshing their website in early 2017 with the help of Oceania Media in developing and uploading new content, the team at Pasefika Proud wanted to keep the momentum going on their refreshed communications.


They engaged Oceania Media to provide a combination of ongoing content management services including developing editorials, taking photos, managing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, preparing a monthly stakeholder e-newsletter and event e-invitations for their training programmes, monthly insight reporting and managing their online service directory.


We’re still working with Pasefika Proud on their ongoing communications to promote key messages and support the campaign. You can follow Pasefika Proud at the links below.

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