23rd June 2015





Interest in Dr Joe's Eczema treatment grows


More than 40,000 patients worldwide have received an eczema treatment package from health pioneer Dr Joe Williams. Earlier this year Maori Television’s Native Affairs programme featured a story on Dr Joe Williams and his book on eczema and his eczema care package. A follow-up on Native Affairs, which screened on Monday June 22 states that more doctors are using his methods and more patients are seeking treatment, with positive results. 


In his first book Eczema - The Neglected Disease of Children, Dr Williams, who turned 80 in October 2014, shares his legacy which spans more than 50 years.


Having been at the forefront of eczema health for many years, Dr Joe Williams’ book follows his work in the field, which has resulted in his own Eczema-Care Therapy package, used by those that have sought his treatment.


In a Native Affairs follow up which screened on Monday June 22 on Maori Television, the programme states more doctors are using his methods:  


Dr Guy Naden has been a General Practitioner for 25 years, and in the last 4 years he has been using Dr Williams’ treatment plan. 


‘Kids have come in looking terrible, covered in eczema have been for years. One week later, you know, it’s all gone,” states Dr Naiden.


‘We’ve gone from using all the standard therapies to just using what he’s what he’s come up with in his regime and it’s just revolutionised eczema. It’s just been fantastic’.” 


Dr Williams states that eczema is a global disease which affects one in five of the world’s children and one in 10 adults. 


“The book and the publicity around it is significantly raised awareness of this epidemic, particularly among the Maori, Pacific and now Asian community,” explains Dr Williams.   


“They’re coming here in greater numbers because, like all of us who have experienced it, they know that eczema causes unbearable misery, anguish and mental conflict for the sufferer and their family.” 

The Facebook community have also been active, with feedback from Dr Joe’s patients and readers coming in daily. 


“Please pass on the hugest love and thank you to this amazing man. I have had eczema since I was 2 I’m now 37 and in the last 2 years it has been at its worst. I brought Dr Joe’s book, got my doc to make the cream and at last I have relief. I can sleep, my skin is calm, I can control flare ups and I’m not embarrassed anymore”, says Josie Victor-Woon (via Facebook). 


Eczema - The Neglected Disease of Children covers its history, from when it was first described 25 centuries ago; types of eczema and causes of eczema - from food allergies, digestive flora, epidermal barrier to early infections and so on; its impact on individual sufferers and their families; and his Eczema-Care Therapy package.