With the establishment of the new dental unit at The Fono West in Henderson, a special dental deal was offered to celebrate the new clinic.


The Fono asked Oceania Media to create a direct marketing campaign to promote the special offer, which included both web and print elements.


Campaign materials included digital ads, promotional printed cards and posters and Facebook ads and Google ads, rolled out over a three month period to drive appointments at the new clinic.


The campaign was set up and promoted online via The Fono website, Facebook and Twitter.


Editorial was developed to promote the launch and the staff at The Fono West, and included a photo shoot in clinic.


A staff briefing sheet was developed to help staff promote the offer on the front line and support the direct marketing strategy.


Campaign elements included:

  • Facebook ad campaign

  • Google ad campaign

  • Scheduled posts for organic reach on social media

  • Promotion through e-newsletter

  • Editorial for launch event

  • Special posters

  • Special ‘leave behind’ cards

  • Staff briefing sheet


We tracked and monitored bookings and follow up visits and the campaign exceeded all booking targets at the new clinic. 

Print marketing / print management / print newsletter / Facebook ads / Google ads / web management


Fono Dental Launch Campaign