Healthy Babies Healthy Futures (HBHF) is a FREE health programme to promote health and well-being of pregnant women, families with children under 4yrs, their support members and communities through better nutrition and more physical activity. The Fono is the lead provider for Pacific HBHF and partners with Pacific Providers: Procare, Alliance Health Plus, Pasifika Integrated Healthcare and TAHA Well Pacific Mother and Infant service.


Oceania media developed a dedicated webpage to be used as an online information hub including details of upcoming family workshops / events and links to relevant HBHF resources. A Facebook and Instagram account was set up to promote activity through organic posts and paid targeted advertisements. We also created giveaways to incentivise people to register and find out more information on how HBHF can help them. 

website design / website build / website content / social media / promotional giveaways / marketing strategy / campaign 

Healthy Babies Healthy Futures