NZCU Employees website revamp

website design / website reskin / website content / e-newsletter / Google Analytics / Social Media / graphic design / stock photography / web hosting 

NZCU Employees is a 100% New Zealand owned credit union offering a range of services for individuals, similar to what banks offer. But instead of working for profit, they serve their members and help them to succeed with their financial goals.

Oceania Media was approached by NZCU Employees to help them, beginning with a revamp of their website. Our brief was simple – tone down the orange and reflect the brand to the NZCU Employees members.  

At the same time NZCU Employees was experiencing difficulties with their current website hosts and needed some help to switch their hosting provider. 

To revamp the website while still retaining the same web platform, Oceania Media designed a new website background with strong photography that reflects their core member base. Our web team reskinned the site giving it a new look while keeping overall costs to a minimum.  

We also reworked their existing site navigation to make it more user friendly, and rewrote their web content to be more member focused. 

Add-ons to the revamped site include a new website and social media refresh, and we’ve designed a bunch of stock image-based promotional slides that can be used in future marketing.

The end result – a less orange, more vibrant and user friendly website with a bunch of new marketing tools for ongoing success.