Pasefika Proud Research Editing

editing / graphic design / diagram development 

Pasefika Proud is the programme of work for the prevention of violence in Pacific families and communities working towards achieving wellbeing in Pacific families. The Pasefika Proud Campaign is a strengths-based approach, using positive messaging and community initiatives in a social marketing strategy.


In 2015 the Ministry of Social Development commissioned Massey University and Integrity Professionals Limited to undertake formative evaluations of two Pacific faith-based family violence services and four Pacific provider-based family violence services. 


Oceania Media was approached by the Ministry to edit the reports for consistency and readability. We completed layout of the research into Pasefika Proud research templates, including recreating complex diagrams and tables, making them available to access as online flipbooks. This not only makes them easy to read, but also provides detailed reporting to our client.