website design / website build / website content / e-newsletter / social media set-up / public relations 

South Seas Healthcare Trust is Otara’s largest Pacific health provider. Founded in 1999, South Seas was established following an identified need to provide Pacific primary healthcare to the local Pacific population in South Auckland. 

With an outdated website that no one knew how to access or update, and a desire to grow their profile, South Seas approached us looking to improve their online presence and reconnect with their local Otara community with a brand new website. 
Oceania Media designed and built a new fully-customised website for South Seas that allows them to update it in-house, providing flexibility for future module add-ons when they need them.​

South Seas website 

We also developed all ‘Go Live’ web content, including stock photography, website copy and success stories with the launch. 


Site functionality includes a dedicated clinic area. This allows patients to access their online patient portal, a staff area to profile the team, a news area with tangible functionality and an e-newsletter to keep stakeholders up to date. 

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