Oceania Media has published a number of programmes for the annual Samoan Sports Awards. This annual project involves designing a template, writing editorial, collating other content, sourcing images, formatting and editing content over 32 pages, and organising the print production of the programme.


We also created an A4 12 page brochure for the Samoan Sports Association. The brief was to create a promotional brochure suitable for a variety of stakeholders and which had a long shelf life. Oceania Media wrote copy, collated professional images, designed and layout the 12 page spread and organised printing.


For the 2012 event programme, Oceania Media developed sponsor materials which involved developing a sponsorship prospectus that included creating a value proposition, sponsorship inclusions and levels, developing a proposal template which was then tailored for each sponsor lead, and developing post event sponsor evaluation materials.


In addition, for the 2012 Samoan Sports Awards Oceania Media managed PR for the annual event, promoting VIP NFL star Paul Soliai from the Miami Dolphins. A series of press releases was sent to media, schools and sporting organisations. Coverage results included TV, radio, print and online coverage from National, regional and local publications.


Samoan Sports Association Marketing

event programmes / key messaging / print brochure / sponsorship prospectus / media relations